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Stop fucking around

Let’s cut right to the chase.

Stop fucking around.

Seriously, now. Stop reading this blog post and go do something.

Stop reading about what an asshole $candidate is. You’ve already decided who you’re voting for.

Stop incessantly checking Facebook. All your friends are just as boring as they were ten minutes ago.

Quit your RSS reader right now. If something is really interesting, it’ll find its way to you.

Close your Twitter client. You’re just listening to other people’s conversations. That’s rude.

Turn off the damn TV. Have you ever met anyone who said on their deathbed, “You know, I just wish I had watched more television?”

And, by God, most of all, stop all the meta-creation. The stuff that feels like you’re actually making something. The curation. The remixing and the reblogging. The Instagramming and Tumblring. This is actually more poisonous than anything else I mentioned above. Because, on its surface, it feels like you’re accomplishing something… yet never quite scratches the real itch. It’s like eating candy for dinner. You know better than that.

Seriously, what are you still doing here? Stop fucking around and get back to work.

Thanks to Merlin Mann and Paul Stamatiou.