I wrote about 50 lines of the jankiest JavaScript you’ll ever see last night. The code would be slaughtered in seconds on Stack Overflow. I probably could have done what I needed to do in about 10 lines if I planned it out and thought it through. But none of that matters for now. Know why?

Because it worked.

Sometimes it’s so easy to worry about finding the most elegant or efficient solution to a coding problem. There’s almost a Zen-like feeling of peace achieved when functions and arguments are stripped away, leaving you with script that’s as tight as a drum. Code Golf-worthy, even. And that’s great. Especially if you’re operating at scale.

But don’t let the paralysis of planning take over before you even get a working version of your code. You can always strip things out later, but you can never feel the joy of hitting command-R and seeing an animation ease in perfectly unless you dive right in and make a mess.