Len Damico

Len Damico is the Head of Design at Arcweb Technologies, a founder and former member of Roar Lions Roar, and a member of PHLDesign Co.



The seasons roll on by

Soundgarden was never my "favorite band." They were always on the periphery, always high quality, but never The Band That Could Be Your Life.


Roar Lions Roar

A bunch of luminaries from the Penn State blogosphere and #PSUtwitter got the itch and decided to start a new blog. For some reason, they let me tag along.

Seven Steps To A More Prefect InVision Workflow

Prototyping isn’t a step in the design process; prototyping is the design process.

Democratizing Design with the Design Studio Method

It takes a village to make a great digital product. Here's how we do it at Arcweb Technologies.

Three weird tricks that can help your sketching (or not)

They might not work for you, though, and that's okay!


How I Work: Arcweb UX/UI Designer Len Damico

Tehcnical.ly Delaware interviewed me for their "How I Work series."

Turn a good user experience into a great one

Good error messaging puts a user back in control when things go wrong.

“The purely aesthetic form”

When you're Jony Ive, what's two millimeters, in the grand scheme of things?

Why We Prototype

Prototyping helps us build customer value from the day we begin Discovery process on a project.

Look at this panel.

Just look at it. It is perfect.


Meet Arcweb User Experience Designer Len Damico

In which I discuss my favorite frites in Old City, flub the “favorite band” question and note that life’s too short for crappy software.


What started of as a cool idea in a boardroom breaks down because of flawed assumptions about the wants and needs of over 500 million (!!) users.


resolution independent. platform agnostic.

Here's what I wrote to introduce the new, responsive essentiacreative.com website.

Affiliate links are not advertising

Describing a site as “ad-free” and funding your site via affiliate links is not a contradiction.


____ of 2012

Three of the twenty albums on my "best of 2012" were originally released in 2012. The number one album is old enough to drink.

The Thing About Git

You have to crawl before you can walk, and you have to understand Git on the command line before one of these fancy-pants GUIs will be helpful.


Don't let the paralysis of planning take over before you even get a working version of your code.

Stop fucking around

Stop reading this blog and go do something.

Now what?

The first Penn State memory I have was the stein. It proudly sat on the bookshelf in the family room. "Class of 1972," it read.


No Boring Content Allowed

My old site was featured in a SxSW presentation on compelling web content. NBD.


“Breathless,” indeed

No wonder people hate advertisers and marketers.