My first guitar

While cleaning a bunch of stuff out of the attic in preparation for our move, I found my first guitar. It was a Harmony classical guitar, almost unfrettable from the day I got it. As you can see, I …

My copy of the Aeon Station record arrived yesterday. It is very, very good and makes me feel very sad. In other words, it is exactly what I’d hoped for.

Currently reading: Work Won’t Love You Back by @sarahljaffe 📚 Good evening.

I do not usually get excited about ““delightful”” UI design but the snow flakes piling up on top of this window in Apple’s Weather app made me smile this morning.

My dude “shipped” his first Roblox game this morning 👨🏻‍💻🕹

Shouts to The National for the 3-color print job on the insert for “Sleep Well Beast.”

Bought myself a belated Christmas gift: the 3LP reissue of Wolf Parade’s “Apologies to the Queen Mary.” Sub Pop knocked it out of the park on this package: the remastered album on 2 LPs, a third that …

Might mess around and #goveg in 2020, who knows


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Turns out, there’s an honest-to-god legit indie record store in downtown Lewes, DE. Who knew?

Working on it.

It’s really not that bad, but there is a certain absurdity to it.


We visited Vermont for my 40th birthday. Burlington is a wonderful town, and the local beer is pretty amazing, too. The Alchemist The first destination, before even heading to our AirBNB in …

Currently charging my son’s shoes via USB for his first day of school because that’s a thing you do in 2018.