Len Damico

Len Damico is the Head of Design at Arcweb Technologies, a founder and former member of Roar Lions Roar, and a member of PHLDesign Co.


I give talks about the Design Stuido method and participatory design, among other topics. If you'd like me to speak at your conference, please get in touch!


The Design Studio Method for Product Owners

In a hands-on, interactive session for Product Tank Philadelphia, I shared some basic principles of the design studio method, including how product managers can use the design studio method to rapidly generate ideas for their own digital products. I also facilitated a mini design studio challenge focused on building practical skills that attendees could use right away to build better digital products.

It’s All in the Questions You Ask: Design Thinking 101

Why has design thinking become such a popular topic and methodology in the past 5-10 years? From Harvard Business Review, to public school education and from the Silicon Valley to the White House, more people are incorporating this problem solving method into their strategy work. In this interactive session, Len and Natalie Nixon shared basic principles of design thinking and then facilitated a mini design challenge left attendees with practical skills to apply to their work.


Democratizing Design with the Design Studio Method

Designers can't "own" UX; rather, they must empower product managers and engineers be part of it. UX can't just be a department; UX must be embedded in the culture of your organization. In this talk, I shared some of the methodologies we use to democratize design at Arcweb, and how you can use them to make better digital products.