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Roar Lions Roar Permalink

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Onward State, Onward State,
Roar, Lions, Roar!
We’ll hit that line, roll up the score,
Fight on to victory evermore,
Fight on, on, on, on, on!

So a bunch of luminaries from the Penn State blogosphere and #PSUtwitter got the itch and decided to start a new blog. For some reason, they let me tag along.

I couldn’t be more excited to share Roar Lions Roar with you.

I’ll be writing some, but mostly overseeing the tech and design of the site. My job will be really easy, thanks to the platform that the guys at Eleven Warriors are sharing with us, and the designs that the incredibly talented Sean Baker of Superboss has contributed.

Here’s my first piece for the site: a preview of the insanely talented and deep wide receiving corps.

Go check the site, sign up for a free account, and cop a shirt.

This is gonna be fun.

Seven Steps To A More Prefect InVision Workflow Permalink

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I shared a few of my favorite tips for working in InVision on the Arcweb Technologies blog. My favorite one?

Start Early: Designers often treat prototyping as a discrete step in the process. It often comes after the visual design stage is complete. But to get the most value out of your prototype, start thinking about it as soon as you open your first blank Sketch wireframe document. That’s right… start prototyping with wireframes. This allows you to always evaluate flows rather than flat screens in a vacuum. It also helps you squash weird workflow problems early on, before they become showstoppers.

Why We Prototype Permalink

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My first piece on the Arcweb blog! Prototyping has truly upped my game in the last several months. In this piece, I outline the the three types of dialog that prototyping facilitates, and how it adds value from the first day of an engagement.