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Unicorn Free is dead! Long live Stacking the Bricks! Permalink

A really interesting rundown of the why/how of relaunching a blog as a static site.

That means that you’re loading a static HTML file, which was generated by a Ruby script. There’s no “back end.” There’s no dynamic anything. We don’t need special hosting. (And it’s so cheap!) It doesn’t need to install new plugin updates every day just to keep ahead of the scriptkiddies. It can’t be compromised.

Thirteen thousand, four hundred, fifty-five minutes of talking to get one job Permalink

This whole piece is a great read, offering a lot of transparency into one man’s search for a high-level technical position. But this bit, about the difference between being a doer and a manager, really stuck with me:

As I explained to people the role I wanted, I found that I needed to justify not wanting to be a manager. I believe that management and software engineering are two vastly different skill sets, and they should be treated as such. People who want to be good managers should be students of the art of management. Unlike writing software, you cannot practice being a manager in isolation. You have to make mistakes that will negatively affect people’s lives, to a certain extent, in order to become a better manager. It is a hard job, and you must be fully dedicated to learning how to do it well if you want to do it at all.

Design Better Data Tables Permalink

Good data tables allow users to scan, analyze, compare, filter, sort, and manipulate information to derive insights and commit actions. This article presents a list of design structures, interaction patterns, and techniques to help you design better data tables.

Super helpful to see these all in one place.