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Why We Prototype

My first piece on the Arcweb blog! Prototyping has truly upped my game in the last several months. In this piece, I outline the the three types of dialog that prototyping facilitates, and how it adds value from the first day of an engagement.

“You go to the jungle”

Lego Group CEO Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, discussing Lego's Future Lab:

If you want to understand how animals live, you don’t go to the zoo, you go to the jungle.

The Utopian UI Architect

Bret Victor, on how the media in which we choose to represent our ideas shape (and too often, limit) what ideas we can have:

We’re computer users thinking paper thoughts.

Systematic 118 - Roderick dot dot dot

John Roderick:

Every day I wake up and I come down here to my office, and I set myself up to get to work on something, and I rearrange the pens, and I line up the paperclips, and I go on eBay, and then pretty soon it’s night, and then another year goes by.

All of Brett Terpstra’s four-part series with John Roderick is unmissable, but this bit at the end really landed with me.

Meet Arcweb User Experience Designer Len Damico

In which I discuss my favorite frites in Old City, flub the "favorite band" question and note that life's too short for crappy software.


Tuesday, Apple and U2 did what they thought was a really neat thing: They released U2's new album for free to everyone with an iTunes account. No purchase necessary… it just shows up in your iTunes library.

What a cool thing, right? The new album from one of the biggest acts in rock, for free!

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“Just to be plain and simple”

Tim Cook:

We do things because they’re just and right. If you want me to make decisions that have a clear R.O.I., then you should get out of the stock, just to be plain and simple.

More punk rock and anti-establishment than anything Jobs ever did.