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  • Bookmarked Bids to ban critical race theory have …

    A very different law is settling in for the First State.  

    The historic legislation dubbed House Bill 198, passed in 2021, requires all Delaware public schools — both district and charter — to infuse instruction of Black history and experience into K-12 curricula. 

    In striking contrast to news from some conservative states, the law gave 19 school districts and 23 charter schools about a year to update all curricula with contributions of Black people to American history, life, literature, economy, politics and much more.

  • Did a Democracy this morning. Early voting is …

    The exterior of the Claymont Community Center this morning. Weather is beautiful and sunny. Many signs for candidates out front.

    Did a Democracy this morning. Early voting is good.

  • Public comment on SB 149

    I’ve been taking part in community listening sessions for Delaware’s Senate Bill 149, which would amend the state’s Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights (LEOBOR). There’s another one today at 3 PM, but I can’t make it. You can (sign up here). This is my public comment from the last session, published here for posterity:…