“Governing is not easy”


Here’s Representative Eric Morrison on his controversial vote on HS 1 for HB 121 (the Seaford LLC voting bill):

Governing is not easy, and things are not always as they appear on the surface. As happens time and again, we as Democrats had to do the responsible and right thing for Delawareans. We do not have the luxury, for example, of throwing temper tantrums like petulant children and walking out in the middle of session like every member of the Republican House Caucus did Wednesday evening, while Democrats stayed on the floor and performed the jobs we were elected to do. In this entire situation, we as Democrats took the high ground and did the right things for Delaware, and I am proud of it.

(More background here.)

My position remains that many of the surprising “yes” votes have previously earned our trust and should not be vilified on principle. Especially given that it was clear all parties knew the bill had not immediately future in the Senate.

As much as I would love to live in a world where all my favs could always vote on principle and tell the GOP to eat shit, we’re not there yet. We don’t have the numbers. If we can flip 2 more house seats, we theoretically have a supermajority that presents us from this kind of nonsense every late June.

Which is why I’m working with at least one candidate to flip a clearly dem-friendly district. And I’m willing to work with you, if you are running against a Republican in a flippable house district, I will do your logo & branding design pro bono.

Let’s stop complaining about governing process and Delaware Way bullshit. Let’s work together to make these goons officially irrelevant.

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