Folks, it seems like there’s a pending announcement …


Folks, it seems like there’s a pending announcement of new music from Charles Bissell of The Wrens coming next week. This is *not* a drill. Prepare accordingly.

I signed up for this at some point in the last 20 years, when life was sweet and simpler and one pursued the carefree in life - like email updates from bands one liked the albums of (that would explain the high number of @-ask-jeeves in the database)...
&10;..and now, some 15-or-so years later, there's finally an update:
&10;We broke up. (ha).
&10;That's probably old-ish news by now (it's starting to feel very old to me) but what's newer news is that after laying low for the last few years as that all played out, and sort of giving up on the whole enterprise I guess, I am actually announcing the new/next/finally album, new label, new project name etc. week. I'll be doing that in part via this email list, and then migrating this to a new project&label list.

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