Tag: The Delaware Call

The Delaware Call is an independent media group that engages in investigative journalism, political analysis, and Delaware-focused commentary. We work to uncover and uplift local community news and stories that are rarely, if ever, covered by existing media outlets. I’ve been luck enough to have a series there, called “The Politics of Design.”

  • The Politics of Design – A New Flag for Delaware

    Happy Delaware Day! I’m celebrating by looking at the Delaware state flag and asking “is this the banner we want to represent our state’s values?” Read it in The Delaware Call.

  • The Politics of Design – Race for US House


    Three candidates have announced their 2024 candidacy for Delaware’s lone U.S. House seat. How did they use branding to differentiate themselves in an already crowded field? In the next installment of “The Politics of Design,” I critiqued all three for the Delaware Call.

  • The Politics of Design – Part One


    I’m in the Delaware Call today! The Politics of Design will be a lighthearted series of critiques focusing on the branding of state and local politicians. First up: the logo for Delaware gubernatorial hopeful Matt Meyer.