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I’ve been a professional designer in some form for about 25 years and I have some thoughts about design as a discipline and a way of seeing the world.

  • The Politics of Design – Race for US House


    Three candidates have announced their 2024 candidacy for Delaware’s lone U.S. House seat. How did they use branding to differentiate themselves in an already crowded field? In the next installment of “The Politics of Design,” I critiqued all three for the Delaware Call.

  • The Politics of Design – Part One


    I’m in the Delaware Call today! The Politics of Design will be a lighthearted series of critiques focusing on the branding of state and local politicians. First up: the logo for Delaware gubernatorial hopeful Matt Meyer.

  • I do not usually get excited about ““delightful”” …

    I do not usually get excited about ““delightful”” UI design but the snow flakes piling up on top of this window in Apple’s Weather app made me smile this morning.

  • Three Weird Tricks That Might Help Your Sketching (or not)

    They might not work for you, though, and that’s okay! Sketching remains a vital part of the design process here at Arcweb Technologies, and has been incredibly transformative for me, personally: I can honestly say that buying into a process that includes both sketching and prototyping has exponentially leveled up my game this year. —…

  • Hail To The (New and Improved?) Lion


    Let’s start our discussion of Penn State’s new academic logo with critiquing the work itself, before we dive into critiquing the process. The mark itself? It’s… boring. Corporate. Safe. Could be a bank, could be a hospital. The rendition of the lion itself is fine. I don’t love the 2-Color approach, and that’s going to…

  • The purely aesthetic form


    I’m about halfway through Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products. So far, it’s a good read. It portrays Ive as someone with exquisite taste who was in the right place at the right time, willing to work harder and care more than his competitors. It never descends into hagiography (in spite of the…

  • Why We Prototype

    Here at Arcweb, we’ve been spending more time using analog methods of exploring and communicating our ideas and we’ve augmented our UI design process with The next piece of the Arcweb design process that we’ll explore is prototyping. What is Prototyping? In our context, prototyping is the process of efficiently creating a representation of…